Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NHL 12 - Birth Of A Legend

Big news in the sports video game world as the newest installment of the EA Sports' NHL series dropped its latest gem. As the successor to NHL 11, NHL 12 (or simply being called 12) brings back all the great additions that made NHL 11 as much fun as it was, as well as a stack of new ideas and innovations that make this version the most realistic representation of hockey to date.

As stated before, NHL 11 brought in many new innovations that made the game great. An all-new physics engine was implemented to make every hit on the ice different and realistic. 12 takes this to a whole-nutha-level by giving players much more realistic animations and movements on the ice while skating and shooting, as well as making everything on the ice live. This means that the net can be knocked off, players can be knocked into the benches, or right through the glass along the boards.

Goalie mechanics have also been improved heavily for 12 as there is now more player-to-goalie interaction. In the past, goalies used to be these immovable objects where players could skate into them all they wanted without having anything happen. 12 introduces live goalies that can be knocked down, crashed into, and even be provoked to drop the gloves (or glove and blocker in this case). Goalies have also been given new A.I. that allows them to cover angles better making it harder to score than in previous titles where the same simple moves would be able to fool any goaltender.

These innovations along with many others including the addition of playable Hockey Legends such as Gretzky and Lemiuex, a revamped Be A Pro mode, a Winter Classic mode, and being able to battle for position in front of the net, give NHL 12 the look and feel of an authentic and true NHL experience.

12 hit stores last Tuesday here in North America, and I, personally, couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I had this thing pre-ordered in August, and picked it up the morning it came out. I've been playing it every chance I get and I can't get enough of it. Most of my time has been spent on Be A Pro(BAP) just because I love creating my own characters and the idea of starting a career in a professional sports league and working my way to the top ranks. I achieved some fairly legendary things in NHL 11 for BAP and when I found out the slogan for 12 was "Be The Next Great Legend,"... Challenge Accepted.

For those of you that read my first post(and for those of you that didn't, shame on thou), I will be making commentary videos of BAP and my created player and hopefully be on my way to another legendary (albeit fictional) career so stay tuned for those.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pre-Game Warm Up

Sup Everybody,

My name is Rakesh Parmar and I'd like to take this time to welcome you to Champ Ground, the blog that covers just about every sport there is. I should apologize in advance for the slightly novice look and design of this blog, considering I just picked some random fonts and templates just to get started. But fear not, for drastic changes are on the way so bear with me.

A Little Bit About Rakesh

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario to parents of East Indian decent. I've moved back and forth between Ottawa and Toronto in my childhood but have always considered Ottawa my home. I'm currently a student at Humber College in Toronto taking Broadcast Television/Videography. With this program, I'm looking to enter the world of sports broadcasting (hence why I started a sports blog).

Why Sports?

When it comes to sports, I can watch it all day and watch just about anything related to it. Lately I've been keeping up with hockey, basketball and football, but am slowly broadening my horizons into other sports and eventually all of them. With the Fall Classic coming up, I figure baseball to be the next of my many addictions. My posts for this blog will mostly consist of news, updates, and any other interesting stories going on in the world of sports. Along with my love of sports comes my love of sports video games. I'm an avid NHL, Madden, and NBA 2K player. I will also be posting video game commentaries of NHL 12 to start, and if things go well I'll do some other game commentaries so stay tuned for that.

So that pretty much does it for the first post, expect more to come in the near future. Please feel free to... actually I demand that you leave comments on my posts. I love hearing people's opinions and thoughts so please don't hesitate to let me know how you feel and what you think about certain posts. And if you find yourself coming back often, hit that little button that says follow, or you might regret it for the rest of your life :|.